Friday, May 15, 2009

Price List for Videos


Music Videos - Starting at $300
EPK's - Starting at $100
Other Videos - Contact me (


Highlight Videos - $100

Friday, March 20, 2009

What I've Been Up To!

  • Sorry for the lapse in updates guys, i've been real busy lately, both with videos and just school and life in general. Just recently, I wrapped up the Jackson Basketball 2008-09' Season DVD which I provided at the Banquet this monday (3.16.09). You can see the end of the season highlight vid here, and the interview with coach johnson here. As well, if you are interested in a copy of the DVD, contact me at and I will sell you a copy for $10 (even though it would normally be $20. The seattle times blog posted the highlight video here

  • I finally finished editing the footage from Braille's Album Release party for 'Cloud Nineteen' and uploaded these videos:
Album Release Video
Braille - Hardrock
Braille - Skepticold
Braille - Stay Together posted the videos here
  • I filmed and editied some footage from Phoenix and Kap II's concert at Calvary Fellowship in Mount. Lake Terrace, WA. You can see the videos here:
Phoenix - Set Free
Phoenix - Who Is Like Him
Kap II - Chasin' The Wind
Kap II and Phoenix - For His Glory
Kap II and Phoenix - Buffet My Body
  • I am going to be shooting my first ever music video fairly soon for Phoenix's song "Set Free"
  • I am in the process of editing Ryan Todd's end of the season highlight
  • Other projects to come!As you can see i've been busy, but its all for the Glory of God

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Highlights vs. Arlington

Jackson Basketball Highlights - 2.19.09 vs. Arlington (Playoffs) from Matthew Robertson on Vimeo.

Spent pretty much all of yesterday doing this highlight.. I graded in color and had a ton of problems with that, but all in all i'm happy with how it came out.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Product Review: Cavision Shoulder Support

Here is the Product I Am Reviewing

Cavision Shoulder Support (RS1580S)

Overall Product Rating: B

The Good: Nice stability, portable, fairly good price, adjustable, modular design,

The Bad: No riser plate, no quick release system, does not fold up completely compact, awkward to get camera on and off, does not have a stand, no 35mm adapter support, not balanced

I had seen this product originally by a member of and it peaked my interest. I researched it a little bit and decided it would be a good fit for my canon hv20, especially because I do a lot of sports work, and it would give me the look and feel of a higher end ENG type camera. When I first opened it up, It took me about 20 minutes or so to finally understand how to put it together. It didn't come with any instructions but rather a bunch of parts and tools thrown in there. After I finally put it together I started playing around with the configurations and found it to be pretty nice. You can customize it to any size of body type and even adjust it quickly for shots. It is easy to mold into the shape you want, simple unscrew the clamp and move then screw back to the desired position.

It is pretty light weight, however that comes with its flaws. It has no balancing system whatsoever so it is somewhat top heavy since that's where the handle, rods, and camera rest. Its not a huge problem, but it does make it somewhat less unstable than it potentially could be. In filming three basketball games with it, it does give good stability and portability, however I wish it would fold up smaller. You can fold it so the handles go down and fold it somewhat into itself, however the shoulder module cannot be folded.

Now one issue about this that really bugs me is the exclusion of any type of quick release. Every time you want to put on and take off the camera, you have to screw it on (sometimes really tightly) and off. This can be critical in sports videography if you need to screw it off quickly (say for exchanging batteries or fixing something) and its quite unacceptable. It also bugs me that there is no way to rest it on the ground without it tipping over. Overall this is a decent product for the money ($174.99) however there may be better options out there.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shooting Tip #1

Something that I have found to be invaluable for me is to make sure I "prep" a tape before I start recording. ALWAYS record at least 15 seconds or so of just black tape. It will make capturing alot easier. When you have a clip that starts at the very beginning of the tape, FCP usually needs at least 6-7 seconds to get the playback starting and cued up and then capture. This will prevent you from losing footage that you need to capture. Its a simple trick but will save you headaches when editing! Also, if you are doing interview work, try to capture at least 0:30 sec of room tone. You can use this to fill in spots and patch up your audio when editing it. This is easiest done with a program like Soundtrack Pro which comes with Final Cut Studio

Highlights vs. Stanwood (HD)

Jackson Basketball Highlights - 2.11.09 vs. Kamiak (Playoffs) from Matthew Robertson on Vimeo.

Not too much to show here, it was a pretty ugly game, but its highlights nonetheless..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Game Tonight vs. Arlington

There is a game tonight at 8pm at Henry M. Jackson High School. I will e filming from the court, expect big things, Kingma is back! The Stanwood game should be done by today, it's more editing than usual, so it is taking a little longer.

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